Monday, 7 October 2013


It's that time of the year again. Makers everywhere are drawing up their making lists for  - sssh - christmas. Or if they haven't, they're running late!! After creating a rather splendid list that I know will be slashed to at least half its size come November, I realised I haven't blogged since this time last year!!!!! How did that happen?

Well, indifferent health has kept my creative mojo on the back burner mostly but I think I got out of the habit of blogging, then wondered if I really needed to as I share little updates on facebook more often these days. So I've been pondering whether to start again or not. But something odd happened when I wrote that list. My knitting goddess decided to emerge, all rested up and ready to take on fancy intarsia mitts, lacy scarves and even finish some UFO's - unfinished objects  - from the depths of the hidden UFO stash. Hand to head, what's come over me? lol! Whatever it is, welcome back!!

So there's knitting on the needles and jewellery plans on the go too - even possibly selling some jewellery in my Etsy shop - so there should be regular posts again. Yay! I've missed talking to you all.

Synchronicity though.

Well, it's been a weird week for that I'll tell you. First my knitting mojo comes back full force, then today when I've been thinking about making some new artwork, I get two e-mails encouraging me to do just that! I think it's a sign! lol! Yeah, a sign to get my creative ass in gear again and enjoy myself making, designing and hopefully even make a living from this somehow?

So here's to new creative experimenting and hopefully more regular blogging ;)
Welcome back, hope to chat to you all soon!

elaine xxx


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