Over the last three years I've written a few detailed posts on techniques that are now being resourced a lot as tutorials. So I thought instead of having to trawl through three years of posts, I could collate them all together here on their own page.

Reading through my older posts also highlights that at the time, this was as far as I had progressed in my own discovery of dyeing, washing fleece, etc but in some areas, I have learned more that could help so I will be adding new tutorials as I go. If there is an area you hope I will cover, would like more info on or have info that would help me (I am always wanting to learn more!),  do drop me an e-mail as I would love to hear from you and will do my best to help if I can.

Tutorials posts:

Resources posts:

There are lots of well established resource sites out there with great links and videos for every technique imaginable - I will collate a list of the most helpful ones as I find them for you but for now, these are links to my posts that I've saved handy links on. It will help me find them again too;)


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