Wednesday, 19 October 2011

eeny, meeny, miny, mo


I've been doing a little re-organising of my room this week and as usually happens, I found a bag or three of unfinished knitting projects stashed away. I've been slowly working through my unfinished projects so I kinda knew these were lurking around but now all the accessories like bags, gloves and socks are complete, all that's left are the biggies. The garments. There are 3 tops sitting there in various stages of completion - Durrow, Jaden and Vivian. 

Maybe this time I will get around to actually finishing one of them. With my track record, I'm being realistic sticking at only one:) And maybe, just maybe, I'll get on a roll and finish them all? Stranger things have happened! Each one is at a different stage. Vivian above is quite a complex pattern and I know the reason it got stashed was I made a mistake in the cabling so it will require ripping back and a lot of patience to fix. Either that or just start again. I was reluctant to take such drastic measures last time as it took me sooo long just to get that far, lol! Now, it seems less relevant so maybe I'll start again. It would probably be quicker than tinkering with all those cables and moss sts. But then, I do like a challenge.... :)


Durrow, on the other hand is nearly finished. Both front and back panels of rib are done and I only need to complete the sleeves. The sleeves are a lovely fine cabled celtic looking design which should be fun to knit and as it's a chunky yarn, hopefully quickly too. Strong contender for first back on the needles.


And Jaden. This lace top is more of an autumnal/fall knit so I really should be wearing it now. It has nearly both sides done but I messed up the pattern decreases on one. I can't remember if this meant I had to take the second lace panel back or whether I had past caring at that point:) Would be a strong contender except I feel guilty that this is the only one I was knitting for myself and I really should get the others done first. Maybe I'll indulge it as second on the list.

Right. I've decided....... Durrow it is. Needles to the ready!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Happy stripes

Dearie me! I'd completely forgotten to blog about these other stripey gloves I was knitting. I think the last time I posted about these was last november - crikey! I didn't realise they'd been on the needles for quite so long! Well, about time they were finished and had their ta-da moment:)

They are based on the same pattern as the previous stripey armwarmers but I decided to make more work for myself and add fingers as well. And I do like how the little blocks of colour have worked out visually. The fingers are a little neat on the stitch count using the given pattern but as I have small hands anyway it worked for me. If you wanted to add some more sts, you could cast on a few more on either side of each finger as you start to knit in the round. Will work out nicely that way.

The yarn I used for these is Wendy's Happy - capricorn colourway. The colours are lovely and it self stripes so not too many ends for changing colours on the whole. I had to cut the colours for the fingers to get much smaller sections of colour so lots more ends to sew in around the fingers - which with this being a bamboo and nylon mix isn't so good at hiding the threads. I also found it made the fingers feel a little constricted where the threads were too. Not so happy with that aspect so something to watch out for next time.

As much as I love these colours, I don't think I would use a bamboo mix yarn for a gloves project again. It seems obvious that gloves need a little elasticity to fit but also to hold them up on your arm and with bamboo that nice give is missing. In fact, it's annoying. I'm finding the gloves have a tendancy to slide a little down from the elbow and after a good bit of wear look a little baggy. Not the desired look really! A wash would reshape them or a damp spray and shaping but I've been warned that this yarn has a tendancy to lose a lot of its colour intensity in the wash so I'm reluctant to try! All that lovely colour down the drain - I think I'll try a damp spray just in case! That and some hidden elastic thread around the cuff;) Just a thought!

Despite all that, they're still going to be fun to wear this winter. I still have 2 x half balls left so maybe a scarf in the pipeline? Hmm, maybe a textured chevron stripe? Suggestions anyone? Righty-ho, off to have a gander through Ravelry to see if anything takes my fancy.

Back soon! elaine x


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