Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy smiley faces!

Finally got a moving date - monday 15th for the keys and the van on wednesday! Lots of packing to do!!! So, Smiley faces all round!

This will be me when all the packing and shifting is done......

This will be me in the new house with boxes piled high.....

And this will be me when everything is done and we're settled......aaaahhh, that's better! I think this one has a fixed grin look that says "coping, yes, fine, yes, keeping going, just a bit frazzled really...."

Keep well till then, will post when I can before the internet is cut off!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hand in glove

Back again! Didn't mean to be so long away - that's what happens when I start experimenting with constructing patterns! I have a desk full of started projects, all with potential that I haven't got round to finishing. So yesterday and today, I have tried to get some of these UFO's finished and online for you to see.

I started working on bag shapes in crochet, playing with shaping, borders and handles - I think this looks too much like a flowerpot, personally, so losing the fur would be a good start and possibly introduce a fastening. A nice funky or chunky button would be nice, I think! It's crocheted on size 4mm and seems a little flimsy to me.

Some close-up details...

I also started on some knitting! Yes, the crochet has been eclipsed - only for the moment - by the five pointy needles of the fingerless glove! When my partner started suffering from the dreaded computer 'cold-hand-on the-mouse-for-hours' syndrome, I decided some manly fingerless gloves were needed! It's a long time since I knitted some of these and it reminded me just how much I prefer circular needles!! I have knitted one so far on the double ended needles but I think I will try two circulars instead for the second one.

Pics so far...

Thank you John for modelling! I promise I'll get to the other one quickly..... Where are those circular needles?!

Blowing away the cobwebs and dust.....


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