Wednesday, 19 March 2008

'To make or not to make'

Have been hunting through my photo files and found another project I completed for christmas. As it was for a present, I'd actually forgotten all about it! This was one of those presents you really want to keep for yourself but know you can', you really can't....

My friend is really into crochet and I had spied the bamboo hooks last summer with intentions of a christmas gift. But, the making of the roll was planned, and planned, and planned.... and all of a sudden it was christmas with everything else to make and send, and the rush was on.

One of these days I will be more organised with my time....

What I find every occasion I have to think about presents is 'to make or not to make' It's that old chestnut - will they appreciate a hand crafted gift or have that long suffering 'look' of 'what'll I do with this, then?' I think and weigh up this conundrum every year - especially at christmas. It would be quicker and cheaper - and less last-minute-rush-to-finish - to just buy presents.

So are we all so vulnerable then? If we like and appreciate what we have made then who cares what others think?
It depends on the type of friends and family you have I suppose but I find that it's better if I don't 'see' people receiving their presents. I do try to mix a made gift and a bought gift - just in case!
Ah, the fragile ego of creative people.........

At least I know my sister will appreciate anything made! Her purple beret is finished but as the yarn was so thick, the overall number of stitches was smaller so the lovely linen stitch band around the bottom is a bit on the tight side. I had planned it on the small side - but not that small!! So, I might be unravelling the band .....
I think actually getting some aran weight yarn is probably the best solution really.
On the good side, I'm beginning to know the pattern off by heart now!

But I have still got time to play as I actually started early on this project and have time to spare! So I must keep on track as our Easter holidays have now started and they have a way of flying by - just when you don't want them to!

But now I'm off to bed,
good night!


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