Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Variegated yarns and Pecan Pie

Just wanted to show you my newest purchase from Craftywoman's Etsy shop - isn't this lovely yarn? I found her site through Ravelry and spent a happy lunchtime browsing her lovely hand dyed yarns. I'm thinking this could be a fortuitous substitute for my sister's new hat. As it is a variegated yarn, I'm going to have to consider the hat pattern very carefully as I want it to show up the randomness of the dye in the hat - so maybe not as complex a pattern as the rose red, with YO's and cables! Is it to be another final, final verity? I'm not sure.

I bought this on the 1st of May and am impatiently waiting for its arrival from the US! I think once I see the yarn in reality it will be easier to see how to best use it. I have saved a beret pattern by Nancy Merchant listed on's Fall 2007 called Pecan Pie which is free if you want a challenge and a lovely hat!

Pecan Pie beret by Nancy Merchant.

Look a the lovely use of the variegated yarn contrasting against the plain. Looks quite a firm hat though! After the last few warm days we've had here, maybe I should be thinking lighter weight knits!

Come on yarn! Again, I must find patience......and my sister will have a little bit longer to wait!

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