Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fibre Adventure Club!

Last week, I was reading Debbie's blog from DT Craft and Design and she mentioned that she was opening more spaces in her sock and fibre clubs. Usually I can't afford to find a year's subscription all at once so I've unwillingly stayed away from these things, but with these ones you can buy 3 or 6 months as you go which is great for people like me. So, of course, I jumped at the chance! Having never been in one of these before, you wonder whether you will like the colourways that will be popping through your door. I love pretty much all colour but I'm very selective about what I do buy. From what I've seen on Debbie's blog though, I knew I would like whatever colour she picked as she has such an eye for colour.

I joined the Fibre Adventure Club rather than the roving or the sock club as I liked the idea of getting lots of different types of fibres and playing! This month is Kingfisher - yummmm! Just gorgeous. In my 100gms this month, I have some rare breed Jacob's fleece, Bluefaced leicester, Silk noil and silk throwers waste. The silk will really add shine and act as highlights to whatever I make this into. Now I have it I'm thinking, spinning or felting or both? You also get a very detailed leaflet with all the information on each fibre. I really like knowing how each fibre handles and these notes are very thorough - thank you Debbie!

It is interesting to see how each fleece takes the dye differently. The roving is a lot paler than the jacobs and the silks are much more colour saturated than the wool. Oh, it's going to be so much fun experimenting with all this lovely fibre! Roll on next month:-)

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  1. I like the idea of playing with the different fibers. Looking forward to see what you create.


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