Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas......

I'm sure something happens in December - normal time must get compressed  because I just don't seem to have as much knitting time in December compared to every other month:-)) I plan, I knit, I even work out 'realistically' just how long each item will take to make, faint, revise list, repeat....... until I have a manageable list, of sorts.

But this year, I actually put less on my making list and I foolishly considered myself ahead of the game this year - ha, ha, ha. The fates do have a way of coming back to bite you when you think these things:-)

I've even noticed how much faster I get at knitting in December. Last year I was churning out mittens, gloves and hats at a scary speed. ( I also wondered why there were very little knitting projects for the next fortnight and remembered the knitting cramp I got in my hands every time I even thought about picking up a pair of needles;-))

But this year, things have just gone pear shaped. I don't really know why. What should have been a few simple knits have somehow become huge never ending projects. Jinxed, every one!  Stitches slip off and run back, simple maths won't add up, patterns knit up super tight and not to gauge - sigh! The knitting fates have a few more spanners up there waiting, I'm sure, and being tired and out of love with knitting right now, I've decided to take heed and throw in the making towel this christmas.

But instead of feeling the accustomed guilt, I just feel relief! Whew! I didn't realise I was getting quite so stressed about the whole thing. And if I'm not happy then the knitting becomes a chore and these are gifts that should be made with love, not lots of curse words:-))

So, although I have actually got a few finished things, like this new pink 'turn a square' hat and even a half finished pair of matching mittens, I think either I can keep them for birthdays or if I'm really smart, get a head start on christmas for next year!! But just don't tell the fates quite yet ..........:-)


  1. It looks great. And yes, I understand just what you mean about when knitting become stress instead of pleasure. This year I am giving only one knitted gift for the holidays and that is a sweater that I knit for my mother months ago (that she doesn't know about). The rest are all store-bought with love.

  2. Store bought with love:-) Yes! That's exactly it this year! And probably next year as well:-))I'm still spinning my mums coffee fleece for her birthday but that's all. And I can do that calmly in front of the fire! It feels like I've finally got my priorities straight - 1. enjoy christmas:-) 2. keep enjoying christmas:-)) 3. then maybe knit a little for pleasure, with a good movie and some christmas munchies:-)

  3. I'm another one who has come to my senses about knitting for the holidays. Several years ago I decided it was making me crazy and the only knitting I do around the holidays is for charity knitting where I don't have a fixed commitment (if I make 3 scarfs and 2 hats instead of 6, no one knows what I had hoped to make). I also try to do them throughout the year so they don't all bunch.

    I love the concept of store bought with love! I do spend a lot of time thinking about what people would really like before I buy. So bought doesn't mean thoughtless.

    Try to enjoy the holidays and any knitting you get to do as a way of relaxing is great.

  4. Thank you Elaine. It's sometimes difficult to give yourself permission to let it go:-)It's taken a while but I'm feeling a lot better about it all now!


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