Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blue skies

Blue skies, sunshine and the wind has died down leaving a balmy early spring day. The sun actually feels warm on your face but it's still freezing in the shade. So we took advantage of the fresh spring feeling and decided to make the most of a wind free lunchtime and ate al fresco:) Albeit with a few warm layers on ! And, you may notice - salad! - organised in pretty patterns, just because I can :) And on the ryvita is some scrummy red pepper houmous - yum! Fruit juice in the lovely dinky cherry glasses. It has a juice jug to match and they are my favourites. Nice and jolly for warm days don't you think?

Aaahh! I feel like I've come out of a long hibernation - the fresh smells, the buds on the trees, the warm sun - they are all shouting it's nearly spring!! And all this sun is making me feel energised :) Energy, I have so missed you over the bleak grey winter months. It's all lovely and cosy bundled up warm by the fire knitting or crocheting but come March, I do love the cross into spring and it makes me impatient to be out and doing.

And doing is exactly what I have been up to the last few days. I've been looking around the garden now it's kind of warm enough to stand outside for more than a few minutes and a sad sight it is to behold - weeds everywhere, flowers needing deadheading - oops! - badly overgrown shrubs and trees, fallen leaves everywhere and weeds, weeds, weeds! A bit overwhelming but the sun is out and that heartens me for the lengthy task ahead. So, instead of crocheting my circles, I've been doing a little bit in the garden over the last few days. It feels like I've been doing a lot - and my back agrees! - but there are only a few tidy patches so far.

But amongst the tidying, digging and weeding, there are little gems appearing shyly in the sun...




All bringing some welcome colour back into the garden. I'm looking forward to seeing all these buds flower on the camellia - it will be festooned in lovely pink :) Long may the sunshine last!!


  1. Oh how wonderful to eat outside and what yumminess to be had. so happy you are having better weather and do I know about a garden needing a clean wrist could tell you actually...but no complaints just's Spring and the sun is out!!! Enjoy!

  2. So,sweet that you can be eating that yummy lunch outside and watching your garden grow. Snowing here still


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