Wednesday, 19 October 2011

eeny, meeny, miny, mo


I've been doing a little re-organising of my room this week and as usually happens, I found a bag or three of unfinished knitting projects stashed away. I've been slowly working through my unfinished projects so I kinda knew these were lurking around but now all the accessories like bags, gloves and socks are complete, all that's left are the biggies. The garments. There are 3 tops sitting there in various stages of completion - Durrow, Jaden and Vivian. 

Maybe this time I will get around to actually finishing one of them. With my track record, I'm being realistic sticking at only one:) And maybe, just maybe, I'll get on a roll and finish them all? Stranger things have happened! Each one is at a different stage. Vivian above is quite a complex pattern and I know the reason it got stashed was I made a mistake in the cabling so it will require ripping back and a lot of patience to fix. Either that or just start again. I was reluctant to take such drastic measures last time as it took me sooo long just to get that far, lol! Now, it seems less relevant so maybe I'll start again. It would probably be quicker than tinkering with all those cables and moss sts. But then, I do like a challenge.... :)


Durrow, on the other hand is nearly finished. Both front and back panels of rib are done and I only need to complete the sleeves. The sleeves are a lovely fine cabled celtic looking design which should be fun to knit and as it's a chunky yarn, hopefully quickly too. Strong contender for first back on the needles.


And Jaden. This lace top is more of an autumnal/fall knit so I really should be wearing it now. It has nearly both sides done but I messed up the pattern decreases on one. I can't remember if this meant I had to take the second lace panel back or whether I had past caring at that point:) Would be a strong contender except I feel guilty that this is the only one I was knitting for myself and I really should get the others done first. Maybe I'll indulge it as second on the list.

Right. I've decided....... Durrow it is. Needles to the ready!


  1. I vote for Jaden. Mostly because it's pretty. :)

    (not that the other's aren't. I mean "Kit" pretty.)

  2. Hehe, I thought it was too selfish to go for the one that would be mine! Nothing started as yet so still open to persuasion, lol!

  3. I've got to say I'd vote for Jaden too! The colour and texture are amazing. x

  4. I liked Vivian because I thought how the cable jumped was a relly good innovation - didn't realise it was a mistake.

    Anyway, if any of them are for me, then I'll go with that one :-)

  5. The cable jump wasn't a mistake, lol! Nothing quite so obvious as that:) Vivian will get done, hopefully before christmas, and I'm looking forward to the challenge but I think I have to work my way back into garments again first! And Durrow is for you so no arm twisting!

  6. Oh dear, egg on face, but I do like the cable best :-)


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