Tuesday, 15 April 2008

snow, snails and...... seeds!

We have flowers! Okay, we didn't actually plant them, but we can now appreciate the beauty that is the primrose. We did have to relocate a few of them as the snails were finding them very tasty indeed so hopefully they will all recover and have a chance to bloom.

Also we have our recovered daisies - well one of them. The unexpected snow caused the flowers to burn. This one is a lot happier now but the other is feeling a bit sorry for itself as it has lost all its flowers and the leaves look a bit wilted. It is trying to make a tentative comeback but it'll take a bit of time.

Now, the news you have all been waiting for........seeds!

Yes, the seeds have decided to push their heads out of the soil to see what is going on. They may be very proud of the fact they are the first to arrive but a little lonely as yet. The rest of the trays are still bare.

But they are a week behind so I must not get impatient.

Okay, I am impatient and I've been down to check them again and the tomatoes have now also decided to join in but not as prolifically. When they get to a size we can really see them I'll take a photo. Right now, it would be spot the tiny green dot!

Lastly, a little look at the little seed house - it does look like a little house doesn't it? Anyway, they are all nice and warm in there and since I bought it, the seeds have decided to sprout! More news as they grow....

Finally, I'll leave you with a pretty picture - the seeds can dream of the flowers they may one day become.....

Anyone know what this is officially called? - doesn't need to be latin!

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