Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Verity beret - progress!

Well, we have some progress on the beret front. Unveiling the petrol-blue coloured verity - tried the large size for this one, but don't recommend it unless you really need to or you want the fullest, puffiest hat out there! Also the 100% wool yarn I used from my stash - no label - is a bit rough feeling and I'm not convinced it has that 'present quality' feel. And as this is intended for a present, I think I might have to wash or even felt it a little to get a better feel. If worst comes to worst, I have got some greeny/blue alpaca silk in reserve......

This was completed before I started the new rosered beret and since then I have realised all my verity berets aren't quite right. It primarily uses the YO technique for lacy increases and as I found out this week, I've not been doing that right. It still looks okay, but it's irritating now I know there's a mistake. But I think 3 verity berets are enough and I will have to live and learn, I think!
This is a milestone for me - the perfectionist. I am resisting the urge to rip them all back and start again. But think of all the other hats, projects I could be doing in that time! They look okay as they are and only other fellow knitters may notice.....

As for the purple verity, ripped back twice to increase the size.... no, it is still too small. My sister is being very diplomatic and is trying to stretch it through wear, but I really don't want to cut off the circulation to her head!! So, I'm thinking of another rosered - maybe in that soft alpaca silk? - and sending that to her so she can send me the purple verity back for a major rethink. A rethink being totally ripped back and knitted up in another yarn!

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