Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Baby Jasmine lace cardigan

Today I can show you the little jasmine lace cardi all finished and I'm really thinking this might be nice adult size:-) But then I always think that of children's clothes! But I may tinker with the idea and see how it translates on a larger scale. But back to the photos!

Jasmine cardi on a little flowery spring dress. Even though it is a newborn size and a bit smaller than the lily bolero, it still fits with this 0-3mths dress. I must say I think I like this even better than Lily (Shhh, don't tell anyone:-))

And from the back, it looks like a little jumper/sweater - another idea! In fact, this would be a simple way to knit a jumper in the round and much quicker without all those seams. Although I managed to graft the shoulders, sew all the seams properly and sew on all the lace edgings, I still think they are a bit ugly and if I can make things seamless, it looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I do understand that seams are meant to give more stability to a garment and I might well change my mind on an adult sized top but really there isn't that much here to stabilise:-) Maybe that's why the seams seem more bulky - they're out of proportion with the tiny sizing.

I kept to the given picot edging for the neckline and buttonhole band although it does have too much of a garter stitch feel for me. Well, it does at least tie in with the garter lace edging so it balances texturally but I think I should have thought out a smoother alternative to balance better with the wavy edging. (grumble, grumble....;-) You live and learn!

It does look better on the front though and I like the little pearly white flower-shaped buttons. For some reason, purple buttons just didn't work. Maybe purple overkill and it needed a bit of contrast to make it zing? Or maybe I don't have enough buttons to play around with:-)) Does that sound like a valid justification to get some more buttons? You know me and buttons -  I never have enough!

So, baby jasmine lace cardi all done. Now maybe it needs some little matching booties?!  - with some ribbon detailing running through a small lace edging? :-))


  1. Hello Sis,
    Baby Jasmine is the cutest thing! You wouldn't want her ever to grow out of it. ;-))) Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous outfit. Heads will be turning in Kirriemuir!!
    Lots of love, me xxxx

  2. Hey sis,
    Being knitted it should be stretchy enough to last a few months but don't worry, there are lots more patterns out there to try so she'll never be short:-) I'll get these in the post to you soon xxx

  3. It is fabulous - what a lucky little girl she will be! And very very fashionable too!

  4. Thanks Elaine:-) Somehow they just look too big for such a little one - I just hope they fit! But I'm sure she will grow into them soon enough.

  5. That is so cute!

    About my post yesterday, try 3.0mm needles first. I did a swatch on 3.5mm and didn't like the result.

  6. Thanks Jane! Will do. I keep promising myself I will start some grown up knitting this month:-))


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