Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lily cardi finished

Quick update for you, the Lily cardi is all finished! It does look more complete now it has a border. I spent ages trying out different edging patterns till I got one that looked good with this style - I ended up using a little scalloped shell pattern all the way around the edge and cuffs. I'm still deciding whether it needs a fastening like a button or maybe ribbons. Bolero tops never seem to stay in place without them so I think I may try out both to see which looks best without spoiling the look of the edge detail.

I've started another pair of booties as I thought the first ones rather big in size for little newborn feet:-) even though I followed the pattern for 0-3 mths and used the same yarn weight and needle size. The new pattern I'm using seems to be giving a much smaller shoe so I'm going with that for now and see how it turns out. They knit up pretty fast too so hopefully some more pics soon. Anyway, a girl can't have too many shoes! Maybe that is starting her off a bit too early;-)) although she may well grow out of them soon enough.

I'm hoping that this top will last a good few months as I'd imagine it will fit maybe up to 6 months? at least 3. By then I'll have knitted a good few more things I'm thinking:-))

Righty-ho, back to knitting pair of booties no 2:-) Back soon and have a good Easter!


  1. oh how sweet! I love the curved shape and the lace pattern!

  2. Adorable! Love the edging.


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