Thursday, 13 May 2010

Afterthought heel

So, how do you like the new blog look? Been tinkering with Bloggers beta designer templates all day - lost a good few hours somewhere:-) I think it may need some more tweeking but I like the change. One thing I do like though is how this template highlights the page tabs at the top of the page - they were getting kind of lost before. But now they are more prominant, I'll have to revamp them too!

It's been a bitty week, trying to get some gardening done when the sun decides to come out, trying to spin but not with as much success as I'd like:-) and trying to make a dent in some of these outstanding WIP's that have kind of been hibernating - although not intentionally. Yes, there is an intentional pile:-)

Since I couldn't seem to find my spinning mojo, I looked out these lovely unfinished socks - Little Minx. Last time we saw these, I had decided to use an afterthought heel to keep the colour continuity with the Almond Zauberball bands and all I needed to do was finish the second sock to the top. A good few tv watching hours later and the sock length was done. Then I undid the scrap yarn holding the heel stitches and picked up my live sts onto two circular needles following Knitting up a Storm's tutorial. This method is so easy and very quick to do. It's just like decreasing a sock toe with a simple st st graft at the end. And they seem to make a well fitting heel too!

With the first sock I didn't colour match as exactly as I would have liked - you can see a little darker shading going on there - damn! It looked right at the time too so with the second sock I was more careful and it looks a lot better. These are knitted up bigger than my sock blockers so I'll need to get some modelled shots to do them justice and show off the pattern and the stripes - which is more pronounced that it looked when on the needles but it's all cool:-)

The weather is meant to be rainy and dull over the weekend, so that will mean no gardening time. Well, it gives me a chance to get the last of the DIY done and possibly look out some more hibernating knitting projects as well - unless I succumb to the african flower crochet bug that is going around here, here and here:-)) There is even a Flickr group where you can get the pattern and see other lovely variations. I may just have a little play with colours this weekend and see.... famous last words! But I'll just be glad to get some creative mojo going again so I can post a bit more often!!

See you all soon!


  1. Hi,

    I love the socks and only perfectionist you would think the heel didn't match well, and the inside of you shoe thinks it is gorgeous :-)

    One question about the afterthought heel? Is the ridge comfortable or does it feel like a lump?

    I hope you get your spinning mojo back!

  2. Hi Elaine - you did make me laugh:) yes, the inside of my shoe can appreciate my afterthought heel!!

    Although this type of heel is very clever, I'm not sure whether I prefer it visually to the short row heel. On a practical level, the decreased stitches do lie flat and aren't raised in any way. It feels nice and comfortable trying it on but as these socks aren't for me, they haven't really been foot tested yet - I will ask for some 'foot' feedback to find out the answer:)

    On the spinning front, I've got some spinning books out of the library to refresh my memory on some of the spinning techniques and to work out if it's just me or my wheel - probably me:) Ok, probably me just not getting enough practice on my wheel!


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