Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Over the weekend, I got around to doing some baking. I haven't baked in, oh, such a long time, and I thought  chocolate cake would be nice. But starting with an easy recipe - just in case! When I was young I used to 'help' my mum bake cakes and look through her Be-Ro cook book at all the pictures of the biscuits, cakes and buns inside.

So with my own Be-Ro cookbook to hand, I chose this picture:

Yum, yum, yum! Doesn't it look nice? Swirly chocolate topping and filling - perfect! First though, I had to top up the cupboards with some extra baking things. I thought I'd need lots of melted chocolate but this recipe only uses cocoa and chocolate butter icing. So off I went, weighing and mixing.....

.... till I got a nice smooth cake mixture. Then whap, straight in the oven, wait, wait, wait, then out and cooling while I whipped up the butter icing. Mmmm, was that tasty;-) I did leave enough to cover the cake, honest! The only problem I had was I was too impatient to decorate and tried to spread the icing when it was too runny! Ah, well, no swirly topping for me but at least I managed to cover it better when it had thickened properly:-)

Then we both had a nice slice of well deserved cake - that's the space from 2 slices, not me being greedy - just sayin';-)) Anyway, after the compulsory eating of all the leftover chocolate icing from the bowl, I wasn't needing a lot more sweet stuff! Well, it's a crime to just throw it away, isn't it? I must say though I remember having a much sweeter tooth when I was young - I was struggling:)

Needless to say the cake didn't last long and is all gone now. Maybe just in time to browse through the pages and pick another recipe?


  1. OOOHHHH now I have to have a piece of chocolate cake.....I haven't baked for ages either but this looks sooo good....nothing like a good piece of chocolate cake and a good cup of coffee..see ya!!!

  2. yum sis! that's really made me want chocolate cake now. ;-)) looks delicious. xxx

  3. Oh WOW!! that looks yummy yummy yummy...wouldn't last 5minutes in my hands hehehe
    Thanks for cushion comments and made me laugh the knitting tan line so funny
    Sun is fab though isn't it?
    Have a fan weekend hugs x

  4. your cake looks so very very good...

  5. Yum! My favourite recipe from the Be-ro book! I recognised it straightaway - always a hit in our house. Oh heck, now I'm feeling hungry....

  6. Thanks everyone for all the cake love:)) I keep seeing it on my blog and it's making me want to make another one!!

    Totally agree with you Debbie - looks the best cake in the book! And you know with Be-Ro that they'll probably work every time which is a relief:))


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