Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Yesterday, a lovely friend came to visit - bearing gifts! A huge cupcake to be precise, lovingly made with her son who decided it just HAD to have blue icing:) Doesn't it just make you want to put the kettle on to have a nice cup of tea and a large chunk of cake? Yes, me too!

And fresh strawberries and raspberries around the cake too - yum! Just this piece alone was very filling and I didn't need much in the way of food for the rest of the day, lol! I didn't realise you could get cupcake moulds this big - such a great idea.  Apparently it's two moulds together so just like a cake only with shaping for the top.  And then all the fun of decorating - if you don't eat all the icing mixture first:)

Looking online at some cupcake photos I found tiers of cupcakes used as wedding cakes - fantastic!! That is brilliant:) For myself, I don't like heavy fruit cakes and I can't really say, "excuse me, can I just have the icing?" So lots of little cupcakes makes a novel and very aesthetically pleasing cake, don't you think?

These are so gorgeous. The precision and delicacy of some of these decorations - lovely! I love the tall one - a christmas cake! Don't think they would last very long, do you? It could be a really clever exercise to keep children busy on the run up to christmas though - decorating and adding cakes to the tree - if they didn't keep disappearing into little tummies:))

Anyone for cake?!


  1. what beautiful cakes....yours and the little blue one with the butterfly....gorgeous!! cup cakes seem to be all the rage these day....I like them because I don't like a lot of I'll have your cake and you can have my icing!!!! :)

  2. That's a deal:) I've always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes properly but never seem to get around to it! The butterflies are beautiful, aren't they? Too lovely to eat really!

  3. MMMMmmmm so yummy! i would like to find- or possibly make paper for the bottom of the cake as it would diffintly look the part! we make a smaller version using the same moulds (but not as much mix) and made pink icing i wouold of taken a photo only it looked to yummy and we ate it so the only solution now is to make another one and prove that the pink icing was better ! ( te-he!!! ) xxx

  4. Glad to hear you had some lovely cupcake yumminess too Lisa! thank you sooo much for the cake - as I said, all gone now....:) I recently got a recipe book for muffins so I can expand my cake range, lol! Might not to too much for the hips though!!


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