Monday, 26 July 2010

And then there were 1, 2, 3, 4, ............ 58!!

Well, the hawaiian flowers are growing, and growing, and taking over the floor really:) I just crochet a few every time I sit down to watch any tv - not that I've actually watched a lot of tv this week, if I had there would have been a flower fest!! but the blanket, it's a-growin'.

48 flowers and counting....

Yes, I've decided to make this one a full on flower blanket. I wasn't sure when there were only 9 motifs but I saw a lovely one on ravelry that changed my mind. (you do need to be a member to see that link but its free to join!) It looked like beautiful coloured floor tiles all pieced together to give a colourful mosaic effect - lovely! So, it was decided very quickly to expand the mini throw into a full blown blanket. This did mean introducing a few more colours to the palette so I could get more variety in how the colour tones are balanced and I'm still tinkering with it as I go. You may notice a couple of plum/pinks that weren't there before and an apple green has sidled its way in too:)

57 flowers taking over the floor....

I have no idea how big this will become - the last ripple blanket was about king size - so depending on how many flowers I need, I'm aiming for at least for a double so it can be a decorative throw or even a wrap? Big enough to be versatile anyway! At the moment pieced together in a rough rectangle, it's measuring 60cm x 75cm and that's without the final crochet edging around to join them all together. So maybe at least another 100 - 150 flowers? Sounds a lot but those 58 have kind of snuck up on me so I'm hoping my abstract crocheting whilst watching the tv will help the numbers rise without feeling like I'm trying too hard!!

(yes, there are only 57 flowers in the last photo but I've crocheted another one since then, so officially the flower count is on 58:))


  1. The blanket is looking spectular!!!! Will be interesting to see how you join it and the border

  2. And don't they look fabulous too!!
    Love the Hawaiian flower
    Hugs Suz x

  3. was für eine schöne arbeit . gruß martina

  4. Thank you all! Yes, i'm interested in how I'll do a border for this too! It will be tricky not having a straight edge to embellish but I'll enjoy the challenge;)) - when I get there!

  5. Beautiful flowers, and lovely colours! The blanket will be really nice! Have a grat day! : )

    Hugs from Norway

  6. my life i want one!!i will have to pop an order in this is so beautiful welldone xxx

  7. Thank you Hilde, Lisa:) The beautiful thing with this pattern is it will be completely different visually depending what colours you choose. Regal reds, golds and greens? subtle naturals like soft greys, chalky blues and pale yellow ochres....;))

  8. wow, that's going to be one beautiful blanket. your flowers look so good. great color choices!

  9. These Hawaiian Flowers are gorgeous!!! What a lovely blanket!!!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these Hawaiian flowers - is on my to do list as well and a blanket will just be fab! Enjoy your week. Cx

  11. It's sooo gorgeous allready! It will be a terrific blanket!


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