Monday, 23 August 2010

Flower vessel

'Ello, ello, ello:)) Yes, I'm back! Whew, no break intended..... just kind of happened. My power supply went on my computer so I had to stop blogging, then once fixed, I didn't have much to post as my mojo upped and disappeared on me - but it's come back this week with a vengence! So I have lots to show you so hopefully I can get back into the habit of regular posting again. I've missed chatting with you all :)

Today's little project - which you may recognise from my new banner - is a further experiment with the crocheted vessel idea. I wanted to try making a bigger unit before joining them together, hopefully giving the piece greater inherent stability as well as less sewing for me:) The unit was meant to be a circle surrounded by other smaller circles but the method I used to form the second row of units ended up looking more like petals so the flower motif was born.

I haven't used any wire or other form of internal strengthening for this one as I wanted to see if the bigger unit alone would achieve this. As it is, this small bowl holds its own - just - but I wouldn't want to make it much bigger without reinforcement. I will try either starch or sugar water on this to see if it gives a nice light hold to the form - well, thats what I'm hoping anyway. The yarn used is a remnant of a stripey sock yarn I had in my stash. I liked the randomness of the colours but I knew it had large stripes which the motif can handle. I wouldn't want it getting too colour crowded though as I like the simple form and the shadows too. (I know, me liking form over colour - what next?!)

I've just started experimenting with wire inside the units now - although crocheting around the form is proving to be a tad awkward with all the unforgiving wire in the way, there is no flow to the making so far. And I don't think I'll be bothering if it's a right pain in the rear to make :) Well, I've a couple of methods to try so we'll see how it goes.

So back to the 3D crocheting and some more traditional crochet for you over the next few days - more pineapples, clusters and shells than you can shake a stick at:))

See you soon! elaine xxx


  1. hello sis! so glad to see you back blogging.;-)) I love this vessel, its lovely to see colour and form in such a contemporary design. I could see this adorning showhomes around the country. (you can tell i'm in interior design mode ;-))
    can't wait to see more....

  2. so glad to see you back....I thought I had lost the connection to your blog....
    that little bowl is still just a lovely as the first time I saw it!!! Jope all your problems sort themselves out and you continue with this fantastic idea....:)

  3. Thank you:) I'm now trying to play catch up here for all the things I have posted on Flickr so quite a few posts in the immediate future - this time, I'll try to stay consistant and not disappear for quite so long:))

  4. Loved this the moment l saw it fab piece used to make embroidered piping cord bracelets and broaches l used watered down pva glue to make them hold their shape..l'm sure it would work for the bowls...leave them with cling film between a mould and the crochet piece to dry in the airing cupboard over night...good luck
    Hugs Suz x


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