Wednesday, 15 September 2010

progress check......

I thought I'd just show you my recent projects mosaic for 2010 - so far.....:) Sometimes when you look back and think you have been making, making, making, you realise that overall, the finished pieces aren't quite as many as you originally thought! Still, there are still 4months of 2010 to go so I can still work on adding a few more things to the grand total. And there is always the christmas pile that will considerably add to the overall count! (I know! I don't want to think about it either but if there is any making involved this year, 4 months isn't that much time really. At the speed I seem to have been working at, I should have started last january!!)

1. flower vessel, 2. pineapple edging, 3. 58 flowers and growing...., 4. booties, 5. lace pattern, 6. jasmine cardi and dress, 7. limone cuff, 8. flower heads, 9. lily edging, 10. close-up of decreases, 11. little red shoes 2, 12. chloe buttons, 13. pineapple crochet detail

All the pics have a flickr link to see them in more detail too. Ah, I've just realised that there a few pieces missing - whew! Now I feel a little better ;)) The white filigree vessel isn't there or my more recent crochet samples and experiments, nor my recent sampling with new dyed yarn colours. That certainly pads things out a bit - and makes me feel a little bit better about where my time has gone:) Well, looks like I'll be updating the mosaic sooner than I planned!

I do update these mosaics on my projects page every now and again  - tab under header - so feel free to pop over to catch up on anything new. Sometimes little things sneek in there (and on flickr) that I haven't blogged about - like my collage/stitched card on the left (no 8 flower heads). It's just an experiment that may lead to something bigger soon if I can drag myself away from my crochet vessel experiments - more on that soon.

Oh and on the knitting front, Jaden has been relegated to the short term hibernation pile - again! After having to rip back the completed front lace panel, twice, as the shaping decided not to shape - silly YO's again - I decided it was time for a sanity break. In a way though, it has given me time to experiment with the crochet and that's been working out well. I think I have cracked the whole keeping 3D shapes thing  - well, it's working for what I want to do so far..... fingers crossed! It just takes a little while to crochet enough to make a decent sized vessel worth photographing! So in a day or two, hopefully I shall have enough to show you where its all going.....:)

Righty-ho, back to some more crocheting. See you all soon!

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  1. Hallo my Friend. It has been a while since I have left you a comment. I have been stopping by, but I always seem to be in a hurry. Would like to let you know, that you have made some rather lovely things of late and that I have enjoy looking at them, especially the baskets. You have a lot of patients to have made them. I also love the beautiful and colorful afghan you been working on.

    Hope to stop by more often in the future again.....take Care until soon.....Erika


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