Saturday, 8 January 2011

A little time out...

'Music of the land' by Virginia Lee

There has been a bit of silence around the old blog since Christmas, which is pretty much a reflection on my creative state! But I don't think this is a bad thing. I just feel like I need some time to take stock - sweep out the old to make way for the new. Just what that new may be yet, I don't know but it's exciting thinking of all the possibilities.

In fact, when you get into the headspace that nothing is precious and you can decide what the story of your life is going to be - to be in full control of your choices in life - it's a heady thing! But don't worry!  I won't be making any hasty decisions that I may regret later. I will be trying out new aspects of my life as I go to see how well they fit - a bit like clearing out a wardrobe and only putting clothes back in that flatter and are a perfect fit:))

So I'm going to take some time out to absorb all these rambling thoughts and new ideas,  and try to make a new cohesive whole out of them. I will be posting on and off thoughout the month as I still have to catch up on all those infinished UFO's that are lingering, cluttering up the headspace as well as my storage  - and knitting or crochet is a good occupation that keeps the hands busy whilst giving the mind time to think.

I will still be around on ravelry, flickr and facebook to chat and comment on all your lovely blogs so I look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

elaine xx


  1. Seems there is a trend to step back and figure out what the New Year has to offer us, or we it!
    Will miss you, but doing much of the same thing. Enjoy the peace, the quiet and the UFO'S.

  2. I'll miss you but will look forward to seeing what this time out will bring.



  3. Waiting to hear from you again soon, Elaine!

  4. Just discovered your blog and your wonderful creativity - sorry to see you go - but enjoy te clearing out of UFO's and finding time again.

  5. Hi Marilyn, didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth:) Just been taking time thinking about what I want to do and make..... and beginning a bit of experimenting. I didn't realise how much I use my blog to keep focused with my work! So I will be writing again very soon but I may have a little makeover to go with my fresh outlook :)) Thank you for checking in with me - hope you are ok and keeping well xx

  6. I came back to blogging shortly after saying I would stop. It really is a good place to keep on track and be inspired by so many. It really is a comfort zone too.

    Please drop by my blog and pick up your Liebster Award!

  7. Ooooh - love the new look! (and new direction?)

  8. Thanks Kit! Well, maybe more of a refined direction rather than a new one. I want to pursue the art side more now and see where it goes, hence the giveaway clue in the banner and the new 'about me' page ;)) Will be posting as soon as I've taken some new photos. xxx

  9. I really like the new look. I wish you well on this (newish) journey into your imagination! Look forward to coming along with you and getting some inspiration. :) :) Best wishes and hope all your "dreams" come easy.


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