Monday, 31 January 2011

Fair Isle

I've been playing around with an idea for a baby dress - Fair Isle intarsia to be precise - as a 1st birthday present for my niece. I have till April so hopefully that will leave enough time for me to actually complete it;)  I was thinking about this while knitting the bird in hand mittens before christmas but when they took about two weeks to knit, I quietly shelved the idea away as my completion rate for garments, even baby sized ones, isn't stellar!

And then, this month my friend Marilyn over at the Room on the Left started experimenting with intarsia and writing her own patterns. Just about the time when I was thinking I really must get focused on my art work and put away my knitting for a bit, lol! That's always the way life happens isn't it? You make a decision and then, wham! Something comes and whacks you out of your comfort zone again, just as you think you have a tenuous grip on what you want to do. I think I'm getting a big neon sign telling me to find a happy medium :))

But back to the lovely fair isle knitting. Yes, it is very traditional looking, especially on these clothes, but there is the potential to be cookie and cool at the same time. If I get the right shape for a baby dress I think I could pull it off - that and my love of all yarns bright and beautiful! I do love the adult dresses but I don't have the patience or the figure for them, but I can appreciate them from afar.....:)

You know, I think I may be subconsciously being influenced from my youth. I seem to remember having a knitted fair isle dress in soft bluey purples and greys that was lovely and warm - and well fitting - but a 10year old can carry that off! The only thing I hated was the really tight ribbed polo neck - aaargh! Strangled every time! So no polo necks in this design!! I like the little rounded pockets though, might try to incorporate them. Now I just have to decide whether to go for a dress, hoodie top, tunic style to go over long sleeves.... :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! Mmmm...very tempting

  2. hello, hello!! I'm back!!
    Loving the Fair Isle dresses. I think very cookie and cool for any age or shape....go on... treat yourself ;-)))I also know a little person who would be happy to model one for you ;-)))
    I'll phone soon. xxxxx


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