Friday, 24 June 2011

150 flowers done!

A little bit of crochet and the last row of flowers are done! Feeling good now. 150 flowers all ready to crochet into the finished blanket - at last! This is the bit I've been waiting for; the balancing of the coloured edgings against all the other flowers in situ - should be fun:) I might not be able to see the floor for a few days/weeks, but at least it will look colourful! I also have a feeling the cat will decide that this blanket should belong to her....of course;) I will try to catch her on the camera sneaking into prime comfy position - right in the centre, I'm thinking!

The weather here is very wet and dismal today so perfect for snuggling inside for some hooky time. Now, just need to find a good film to watch and I can get started. No deadline for this really but I need to get back on a roll and keep the crochet mojo going;) I haven't seen any finishing rows/borders on other versions of this - maybe nearer the time crochet blanket experts may have some suggestions for me? Maybe it won't look as if it needs one..... but all ideas would be very welcome!

Righty-ho, I'm off for some flower hooky fun. Starting the count - 149, 148, 147...... :))  See you all soon with another update!


  1. Gosh sis! you have been a busy bee!! Loving the pretty flower cute. Can't wait to see it finished.
    G xxxx

  2. Hey sis! think a little girl will like this on her bed?? Hopefully I'll get it all done before you come down:) xxx

  3. I think this will be glorious when it's done!

  4. its beautiful! I joined similar flowers before, I basically joined petals together by 2 single crochets in each join, using the same color as one of the petals so that the color blends in...the only annoying part is the weaving in since you have so many flowers!

    Whatever method you choose, please show us the final pictures!

  5. Thanks Manal :) I've been crocheting in the ends as I go so I shouldn't have that mammoth task at the end - just got to single crochet the petals together left now. Will let you see as soon as I get enough done!


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