Thursday, 16 June 2011

A bit of progress....

There's been lots of loom tlc being going on this last week or so - the loom has been de-rusted, all the headles put back in their place and restrung with a shockingly white cord :) and the wood has been waxed and polished in layers till it's shining. Seems such a quick process summed up in one sentence but I seemed to be working on it over quite a few days.

Here she is, the little 4 shaft table loom all polished and looking a lot better than she did. See the dazzlingly white cord? :) I think the longest part was having to split and count the headles equally after cleaning and putting them all back on the 4 shafts again. Boring job so I grabbed some music to sing along to which made it seem a much quicker process, lol! I didn't need to sand or varnish the wood after all either as the beeswax polish worked into the surface really well and got rid of the water stains I had been worrying about. Seems they were only varnish deep - yay!

One thing still to do before I can get weaving again is to replace the cloth on the front and back beams. Ok, it's looking grubby but on unraveling, I found the fabric is brittle and perishing. Given that this loom is probably a good 40 years old, maybe more, I think the original fabric has done well! So I have some new, sturdy fabric ready to be cut, sewn and stapled back into place. Nearly there! Then I have the longer task of refreshing my memory on double weave - that could take considerably longer than the loom fixing. I think I need to have a really good app for my brain to retrieve all that info from years ago, lol! They probably will in about 50 years time but till then at least I have the internet:)

Just have to stop getting distracted by socks and 3D crochet vessels.... more on that to come :)

Have a good day whatever you're doing!


  1. I am so jealous that you have a loom (but happy for you, of course!) - I've always wanted to learn how to loom, but it seems looms are a: quite expensive, and b: take up quite a bit of room. (Not to mention time!)

    When I win the lottery, I'm guessing...


  2. Thanks for the lovely comments. Kit, I was lucky enough to get this free as it was given to my dad many years ago who gave it to me when I studied textiles at college. Finding the room for it is a tad more difficult. I'd love to have a room just for making but just not enough space - but at least I have the shed ;))


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