Sunday, 24 July 2011


                                                                     Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

Been playing around with Pinterest - a lovely online site where you can look through and save inspiring photos to your own pinboards. You can look through others collections, be inspired by photography, architecture, interiors, costumes, jewellery, artwork, textiles, colour, fabrics, yarn..... oh the list is endless! So that is where I've managed to lose a lot of time this weekend ;) It's also free to join, just click the invite button then look for the e-mail to join in your inbox. Then you can start pinning lots of pictures. This is addictive and to be honest I would have been on longer if my computer wasn't so slow processing the pages of photos. (anyone else have this problem? Interested to know so I can maybe stop blaming my computer if you do, lol!)

This pic took my fancy as a simple but lovely project for lights. As long as the bulb isn't too hot, I'd say this should be beautiful and practical. I love the see-through silks, just lovely. You could paint or dye your own silks too and it doesn't have to be patchwork, although I do love the boldness of the larger sections in these. Or you could cut-out sections filigree style, lacework dyed and stitched together? Mmmm, lots of ideas ;) Unfortunately there is no mention where this originally came from on the web so I can't give credit but passing on inspiring photos such as this here and through Pinterest is credit well deserved.

There is some making going on behind the scenes but nothing far enough along to show as yet as I'm spending too much time online looking at inspirational photos! A bit of decent light for photos today and I should have some Finished Objects to show you that for some reason haven't managed to get onto the blog as yet - like the lonely sock and some yummy stripey armwarmers. Also feel some pattern writing coming on...... not had that mojo for a while. Let's see where it goes today! Bye now!

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  1. I didn't know you were on Pinterest...I'm still waiting for the invite...been ages and ages, but I think I don't need something else to waste more time on!!! I love looking at all the other boards of people I "know"...I even found something of mine on there...taken from Ravelry!!! that was amusing!!! Those lights would look nice with some of your swirls attached to them...:) :) :)


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