Wednesday, 7 September 2011

La Belle Helene on Facebook

Sometimes there are just so many interesting things out there that don't seem to make it into a blog post - inspiring photos, tutorials, blogs, artwork, costume, pattern, design, architecture... So many things inspire us to create, experiment, explore and develop our ideas on the path to finding our own unique individual creative voice. So I've been busy these last few days setting up a new facebook page that pulls together all these elements - things I come across on a daily basis that inspire, excite and feed the creative journey for me. 

It's been interesting to discover I seem to need both outlets creatively - the blog gives me the opportunity to go into much more detail about my work, the processes, techniques, materials and experimentation I enjoy whereas the facebook news page is more like little creative bulletins of inspiration, links, daily work updates etc.

It is also a great forum for conversation, discussion, sharing our creative thoughts together too so I'd love it if you could pop over and join my page so I can get to know you all and share the journey with you ;) If facebook is not your thing, no worries. My blog still remains the heart of my creative journey where I can document my progress, my thoughts, my ideas and development - with you. The facebook page is more of a daily creative resource if you feel you'd enjoy following:)

You can find the like button and page link below or use the facebook box in the sidebar. I look forward to seeing you all over on Facebook!

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