Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Time for a little catching up on projects. There are quite a few finished or nearly finished things going on at the moment that I haven't shown you yet - like these stripey armwarmers. They've been finished since last christmas but I just hadn't got around to taking photographs - sad but true. I completely forgot about them until I wanted to turn this pattern into gloves. The yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball - tropical colourway  - and it really is as bright as the photo - yum! I do love the graduating colours and the contrasting stripe effect. So much so that I think these will stay mine instead of a present :) Bright and cheery gloves are a must when the colder weather is drawing nearer - although I'm not dwelling too much on that thought for now!

There is a slight difference in the colour blending if you compare each glove closely but I actually like the difference. Maybe not technically perfect but it gives them more character I think. Wow, me saying I can live without perfectionism, lol! Take note, it might not happen that often:) The alternate stripes are achieved using the same ball from either end starting with a strong contrasting colour - the aqua and the orange. This means though that somewhere along the line the colours meet. I did have to edit the where the two colours crossed over so yellow didn't meet yellow coming the other way but I just broke the yarn and took as much as I needed out to get back to a decent contrast again - hence the slight difference on each glove.

The pattern itself is a basic 4ply armwarmer shape with 2 regular decreases every 6 rows down to the wrist. I used a pattern designed by Brigids Hearth which you can find here. I chose to have a rib cuff at the top and a roll top edge at the fingers but you could have whatever you wanted really. I've now tried the roll top edge instead of the rib on my pink gloves - which are to follow soon - but it doesn't work that successfully, needs a bit of grip to hold it in place. Heyho:) We live and learn!

It's meant to be sunny tomorrow so maybe good light for more photo taking of new works in progress. There's a decorative crochet panel I'm toying with as well that I'm itching to develop further so I'll keep you posted on its progress as I go too. 

Thanks for popping by today, 
elaine x


  1. Wow... gorgeous! My favourite colours, and I I love the idea of longer arm warmers.. is there a link for the pattern? I'm looking forward to seeing your other projects :)x

  2. Thank you:) Yes, I used a basic armwarmer pattern - http://twistedstitches.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/12/holiday-knittin.html
    - I'll edit the post so you can access the link easier. x

  3. those are wonderful! So fun! :)

  4. Hi Elaine! I found my way back here thanks to Marilyn. I say way back, since I recognize some of your work and remember being here before. But this time I think I'm here to stay! I love, love, love your blog! Both for all the beautiful things you make, but also for what you write. Very uplifting to see that I'm not the only one hoarding, and that it´s only natural. :) Needed that right now... Now, I'll check you out on Facebook.

  5. These are my favourite pair of arm warmers....ever! x


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