Friday, 4 November 2011


One lucky day

I've been thinking a lot recently about where my work is going. Creatively, makers are always analysing their work, developing and refining ideas as they go, progressing onto the next exciting path that suggests itself and fires the imagination and creative juices. Maybe me more that most? As I do love the journey just as much as the outcome, hehe:) On reflection, I think I've spent most of this year seriously considering the 'why' of making, doing what I do. Not that I could stop - no! It's too much a part of me, who I am, but more a question of are you doing what you really want to do - truly, honestly? You can be enjoying the creative journey but suddenly realise that you are still compromising on the dream. Still not having the perfect 100% fit that suits YOU, that unique individual creative path that is just right for you. And ultimately that is the point of being creative, being true to yourself, the 'why' to creating, whether it's music, art or the written word, that connection from the soul.

Not that what I've been creating is not me - it's all an evolving process - but it's more like I'm changing my perceptions of what my dreams are, or who I want to be as a creative person, and my ideas for my work are correspondingly changing too. Like stepping outside the box and realising it's just one box layered inside many other boxes :) We do so many things in life on automatic - grocery shopping lists that don't really vary much, the food we cook - our habitual routines tend to get somewhat fixed, rather than thinking about what we would like to be eating or doing with our creative time. And on a larger scale, actually looking at and considering what you truly want out of your life. The gradual realisation that you need to get out of any ruts and recognise things that are holding you back from being the most authentic self you can be.

Which can lead to all sorts of interesting thoughts like what really are your dreams and aspirations as well as those more damaging ones that creep in like self critical thinking about time lost, self sabotage, blinkered vision, lack of self worth or self belief - all negative and not helpful to the positive mindset you need to be truly creative in the first place. But it's good to take stock in life, and sometimes change is needed to help get out of those self-imposed ruts:) I like to think this means I'm gaining a little maturity in my thinking rather than having a mid-life crisis :))) 

Well, this post went off on a tangent I wasn't expecting! All because of synchronicity. I was reading a post today about why we blog and how the balance can get skewed where we end up serving the blog rather than it being a means of expressing who we are - another habit, another rut to lift ourselves out of:) Interesting reading if you are a maker and a blogger. And synchronicity because it occurred just as I have been considering artistic direction and giving things a good shake up;) The consideration of why do I blog has now added to the thoughts of why do I make? And more importantly who am I making for? Me or the market? Am I compromising my dream accordingly? It's that old chestnut any artist/maker considers at one point or another and my answer has always been that the work should reflect your passion, your uniqueness and that love will come across in your work. Keeping the faith that with skill, uniqueness and a little market savvy, your work will sell because of the heart and soul in it. Maybe idealistic to some but that's what I think it has to be for me anyway so I don't feel I am compromising myself or my work.

Ok, lightbulb moment - I've just answered my own question about blogging:)) And the same philosophy applies to the bigger picture as well. How to live your dreams. Sometimes I make it more complex that it really is and discover I knew the answer deep down all along. Now I've just got to master the trick of recognising and being authentically true to myself!

It will be interesting seeing how this affects the direction of my work, life and my blog;) over the next wee while. I've been blogging less - you may have noticed! - when there was no work to show or little creative mojo going on, which, to be honest has been most of this year, on and off. And I miss blogging, talking and interacting with you all. So, times they are a changin:) Maybe less actual work to be shown at the moment but there is more to talk about here than just that - fab work others have created that is truly inspiring, inspiration from many people and places, maybe tutorials, as well as music, films, sunny days and hot chocolates, and the odd philosophical musings and meanderings on life (which turn into very long blog posts:)

Thank you for listening my friends ;) I would love to hear your thoughts and musings on this too. Till next time, elaine x


  1. this is wonderful Elaine! The times, they are a changing for me too. It's time for me to go boldy forth in the direction of my dreams.

    Glad I'll have company along the way. :)

  2. It will be good to have your company Kit:) Sometimes it feels exhilarating and at others a bit overwhelming. One day at a time! x

  3. your blog Elaine ..I am nuts about your "filigrees" discovering your are a such inspiration. Thank keep playing and will come to the playground too :)
    By the way , when I was a little girl , one of my mom favorite dessert was (i'm french) " les poires Belle Helene"....I think I 'm going to buy some good chocolat tomorrow...A bientot !

  4. Well i am not a Anonymous ( see above)....

  5. Very thought provoking Elaine. I love reading your blog =]

  6. Thank you Sylvie, Terrie for your lovely comments and support. Good to have you here to chat and share your thoughts and ideas too.
    Mmmm, I like the idea that I could be a scrummy chocolate dessert - very apt with my love of chocolate ;)) A bientot!

  7. Insightful post, Elaine. You have done a good job articulating what many artists (including me!) struggle with. I don't think you are idealistic, my philosophy is similar to yours. And I've been doing some of the same soul searching myself. Looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring in your work!

  8. Thank you Lisa. It is good to know that I'm not alone in thinking these things - and that I'm not too idealistic:)) It will be interesting to see how change translates into my work too - hope all our creative journeys are filled with exciting new prospects!


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