Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crochet lace scarves

Goodness, hasn't January just flown by? I'd best get blogging again - can't have last year's post sitting at the top this long! So how have you all been? The creative ideas flowing for 2012? I have had lots of experimental ideas going on but nothing actually finished as yet to show you. I'll take some progress pics as soon as the rain stops and the light is better so you can have a peek:) But I can show you a few crochet lace scarves that were being finished off for presents that had to remain under wraps then.

In all, I'm on my fourth one of these - yes, that pattern is addictive!!  - and they are perfect as a tv project now I know the pattern. The stitch is one I found in a chinese stitch pattern book so just a diagram to work from but crochet symbols are universal so it's all good. I liked the openness of the fan construction and how it gave a lacy, delicate feel despite being 4ply or Dk weight yarn. I haven't tried a very thin fingering or lace weight with this yet - could be very interesting to see how that turns out. Light gossamer feel I think, but the pattern may be too uniform and repetitive on that finer scale. Worth a try though, don't you think?

This version uses Debbie Bliss silk and gives such a beautiful sheen and handle. Gorgeous and soft as a scarf too. I'm on my second silk version right now using the powder blue colourway - very yummy to work with. Shame it's an expensive yarn option! The green version above is a DK acrylic that's very soft to the touch. It crocheted up very quickly and made a slightly bulkier and snug scarf. Loving the 'appliness' of that green:) Is that a word?? :) Anyways, you know what I mean!

A little close up of the fan pattern for you. I haven't got any photos of the scarves on as yet to show you the length etc but they are little wrap around the neck ones which you can tuck into your jacket or pin with a brooch. I did consider permanent button fastenings but the scarf draped too much to make them stay in place nicely so I abandoned that idea pretty quickly. Would work well with a good strong cable wrap pattern though..... more ideas;)

So that's all the christmas stragglers done and dusted so now I can start off  this year with new work and ideas that are on the go right now. Fingers crossed for decent light for photos tomorrow - a little experimentation and playing going on:))

Till then, 
elaine x



  1. sorry, but I have to....OMG!!!!
    these are to die for
    love the colours
    the yarn
    the stitches

    so glad to see you back here too...we miss you...the blogosphere and moi!!!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! That is very kind:)) I have missed blogging and plan to be around a lot more these days, you'll be glad to hear!
      I love how this pattern turned out in all the different types of yarns - haven't made myself one yet though, that will have to be on the to do list:))
      Thank you again for the warm welcome back xxx

  2. These are so pretty! I love the fan shape and the yarn looks lovely.:)

    1. Thanks Kit! They're very addictive though - on my 4th or 5th one now?? :)

  3. beautiful work! you're work is so impressive and proffesional, can't wait to see the whole scarf. Do check out my blog if you have a minute in between all the stitching- i'm a textiles student! www.pollyflo.blogspot.com

  4. LOVE the work! It's gorgeous! Can you post a picture of the whole chart so I can "attempt" to try it, PLEASE!? That would be great! Keep up the great work & I'm looking forward to seeing one of the scarves completed! Thanks, sleepless in seattle Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy, I'll add a photo of the chart at the end of the post for you:) If you're comfortable working out charts then this should be quite easy. Happy crocheting!!

  5. love the pattern, got to give this one a go, Thanks for sharing
    Hugs x

    1. Thanks Sue;) Can't wait to see what you do with it - I'm imagining lots of gorgeous colours!

  6. This is a beautiful pattern but where can I get the written instructions? I cannot do this pattern from the picture while it is helpful.


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