Thursday, 26 April 2012

At the harbour

Don't you just love it when you find great textures and colours when you're out and about - and just happen to have your camera to hand? I was ambling back to the car parked on the harbour quay at Penryn after spending a lovely afternoon catching up with a friend - yup, tea and cakes were involved;) - I was pleasantly tired,  head focused on getting home when I suddenly 'saw' all these lovely textures and colours around me just literally a few feet from the car. Sad to say I've parked here quite a few times now and hadn't stopped to appreciate the real beauty of my surroundings before - I need to get my creative antennae working again :)

It was a beautiful still evening so there were lots of slow ripples and slightly wavery reflections of the boat masts on the water to capture too. And it was soooo quiet. Really peaceful and relaxing with only the occasional seagull and the quiet clunking of the boats and masts in the background.

And of course there were lots of tangled ropes, rusty chains and a very rusty barnacled anchor at the quay edge to photograph. Many close-ups of textures, colours and flaky layers of rust were taken and I've already got some lovely ideas for experimental dyeing and stitch, erosion and weathering..... I'm letting it all percolate in the brain for a while and see what comes out!

And I just love this boat! Maybe it's the strong aqua colour but it's so typical of a harbour scene. Reminds me of a jigsaw picture actually ;) It may be a bit twee but it's very jolly. I loved all the tall towering masts too and managed to get a few shots in before the light went.

Clink, clink, nice and quiet. Time to pack up and make my way home again. I'll be back another day. That's the beauty of nature, it will always be different every time:)


  1. I love that picture with the ropes. It's all about being in the present, open to the beauty that surrounds us, right? Wish I was better at it! Thank you for the reminder. :)

    1. Appreciating and living in the present - that's it exactly. I felt like I was waking up creatively again and I totally needed the reminder! Glad you like the pics :)


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