Friday, 27 April 2012

Viking knit

Viking knit tutorial - Designer de Bijuterii

Hang on to your seats folks, I'm blogging two days in a row :)

At last I've found a tutorial for viking knit! I've seen a lot of knitted/crochet type jewellery and small 3D forms around recently, all saying they used viking knit or an 'old crochet tradition' handed down the generations.... :) but no 'how-to' to help me on the road to experimenting. So I tried out knitted i-cords, crochet i-cords, french knitting on those lovely dolls with with wire pegs on top, trying to work out just how it was done but they never gave such an even finish as this technique seems to. Came pretty close though but not quite so good. So this was the one I wanted to try but could I find a free tutorial? Nope.

As is the way of things, I put it to one side and wrote it down on my list to research when I had a free moment - as you do. Or in the real world don't do! And then forgot about it. But today, whilst surfing Pinterest, the land of all good images, tutorials and inspiration - and way too many cake recipies:) - I found a wire bracelet tutorial. I clicked the link which lead to this wonderful site just FULL of wire wrapping tutorials; from making simple hooks for earrings to jewellery, chainmail, metalworking, weaving and steampunk. What a treasure trove of a find! If you enjoy creating and working with wire especially, then this is the place to lose a lot of time!

The downside is it isn't written in English but don't let that put you off. I read through the tutorial and I could easily make out the tools needed and the wire thickness, and the how-to instructions were very clear through the excellent step by step photographs.

So this has just moved up to near the top of the experimenting list I think. If any of you try it out, I'd love to hear how you got on too.

Wires, pliers - check. Going in.... :)


  1. how fun!!! I'd love to try something like this, if only I had the time. So I'll watch you instead. :)

    Come and see my latest piece if you have time!

    1. Thanks Kit, some creative playtime is in order I think :) Popping over to see what you've been up to now.... :)


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