Friday, 13 February 2009

Black Opal Socks

Well, at last I have some visual progress on the socks. I decided to knit the front of the foot and the full round after the heel in a 3x1 rib and I like how it looks. It will also keep a better grip and stop any sliding. I have done so much ripping back and altering that I've probably knitted several pairs but now I feel I'm maybe getting there.

After I knitted the first sock, I found the video on You Tube for Cat Bordhi's wrapped and concealed short row heel - thank you Grumperina! - and, of course tried this out on the second sock. So, pic 1 above is the original heel and pic below, is the wrapped version. Much more invisible. (note the video is one of two!! you can get the second link on the same page on the right.)

So of course I now have one finished sock with a more obvious heel. Yup, you can see where this is going. And one - now finished - with a more concealed one. Rip, rip, rip. So, I nearly had a whole pair but back the first sock went to the heel and is now reknitted to halfway up the leg and maybe finished by tomorrow, if I sit down and do a stint of pure knitting.

I automatically changed to a 1x1 rib for the top cuff of the sock but found it looser and decided to ditch it. The normal cast off was also a bit too tight to actually get the socks on. I was going to cast off with a crochet hook -worked well for the berets at christmas - but I found a recommended toe-up sock cast off, again on Grumperina's blog, which has worked a treat. (You can find it down the right hand side list.)

So, nearly there and then what? more socks or a change? I might get a few of my ufo's finished as my fetching mitts need finishing to match my pink gretel and I wanted to knit a Gretel in Rowan tweed. And there's a nice pair of long stripey socks in this months Yarn Forward that are calling me. Any suggestions for an interesting reasonably quick knit?

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