Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hats and Holidays

After a busy week so far, there are now more things on the website. Please feel free to have a gander! My new camera has been a godsend for sharp photos - shame the light isn't quite so good now that summer has definitely left us. But on the good side, all the beaches in Cornwall are now relately empty which means I can wander about with my camera snapping away, testing all the buttons.

This is Crantock beach, near Newquay - the tide is way out and has left lots of rippling sand patterns to photograph.

I did try out the new macro lens on my camera and got some good close-ups of the madly coloured seaweed/moss washed onto the beach.

I thought these offered interesting colour combinations, possibly for dip dyeing yarns or fabric for new projects. The colours are subtle but still manage to retain a bright pink element - I like that. Nature is very clever in her colour choices - can't beat it!

Of course, we couldn't go to the beach without some drawing on the best free canvas!

A photo heavy post today - back soon hopefully with more progress and some images from the Angie Lewin exhibition I visited today.

Caio for now,

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