Tuesday, 3 February 2009

knitting mojo.....

The snow has decided to stay for a while after all. Yesterday, we had reports of heavy snow and much of the UK being at a standstill but we had glorious sunshine. So, I thought 'nah, we won't get any or if it flurries, it won't lie' . So I went out in the afternoon to pick up my new car and it started to flurry and flurry and flurry. I'm now thinking ' Will I get home in this? In my new car? Down backroads I'm not that familiar with?' Of course I will - with forced positivity.
Having missed the white roadsign on a increasingly white background - twice - I eventually got home just before the flurries decided to be really serious about flurrying. So instead of being able to show you a picture of the car, I can only offer you this.....

......... a car shaped snow mound but it is there somewhere, honest. It's only about 3-4 inches deep, so not that bad, but there are no deliveries, buses and the schools are all closed. So, I'll have to wait on my sock book from Amazon. It was recommended by Claudia on her blog and as she is pretty much a sock queen, I followed her recommendation. You can find the book 'Simple socks, Plain and Fancy' by Priscilla A.Gibson-Roberts here on Amazon. (UK).

Meanwhile, as the weather has decided to play cold and chilly, I'd better get on with the other chunky glove I was knitting early January. I fell into the trap of not starting the second one so it got kind of sidelined by the socks. I should have it finished by the time the snow melts:-)

The Opal socks are ongoing. One finished and the other nearly ready to turn the heel. This cold more-like-flu thing has made me lose my knitting mojo. No energy to knit for long stints. So sad, isn't it?! Let's hope I get back into the swing of things as I'll be needing woolly socks to keep my toes warm!

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