Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Well, here are the Black opal socks all finished and on the feet. I do think the rib stands out well, don't you? The yarn is a lovely subtle mix so it balances the rib well. They also colour match jeans very well too! When I was knitting these I thought they were more of a purpley blue but they look a more pronounced blue now when they're on. I do like these subtle yarns. They can be nicely individual but not too garish as socks. I think I may try and dye up some subtle yarns to try and capture this effect.

I did try to start a pair of socks in the plum/green yarn I dyed but in a much finer guage, I found the figure of eight cast on too difficult. Easy when you have 8 or 10 stitches per needle but not so easy when there are 20+. There isn't enough give on the needle to stretch to the end. Maybe I'll try again or try the 'magic cast on' on I think Cat Bordhi has done a video for this too so that should be easy to follow. If I find it I'll keep the links for you for the next sock post.

The cabled habitat hat is finished and there will be more pics tomorrow for that. It did knit up quick! I'm thinking that socks take so long as there are always two and the hat was a much chunkier knit so moved a lot faster. And, yes, I did watch the Scarlet Pimpernel and the miss marple and actually managed to cable throughout! So I finished sewing in the ends just after midnight.

But now I have a few new projects to plan for. Some crocheted mary jane slippers, some snuggly mittens and 'Vivian' the cabled hoodie top by Ysolda. That will be a longer project though and will be worked on in-between everything else. So I'll keep you posted. Vivian does make me think I haven't watched Pretty Woman in a while....... :-)

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