Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Awesomely gorgeous!

About a month ago, I answered Sonnetofthemoon's wish for a wool winder. I had a spare collecting dust so I thought it would be much better being used and for once, I could help someone out! As you do in crafty circles, you put a few extra nicey's in there as don't we all like presents? Especially when it's a surprise? Well, imagine my surprise this morning when this big box came to the door as a thank you. To say that I was speechless was an understatement! (and if you know me that's quite a feat!!) Really the generosity, the awesomeness of these gifts has stunned me. So the rest of my blog today will be to show you all the yummy loveliness in my parcel. Lots and lots of photos of gorgeousness.

Unwrapped and opening box - a definite pink tinge peeking through...... Do you think Crystal knows I like pink?!

Wow! Pink city! How yummy is that? A full box of fabric loveliness:-) The box is full of table linen - a long runner, 6 double sided napkins and drinks coasters, 2 hot plate mats - all quilted in the most gorgeous matching fabrics. The amount of time this must have taken to make!

In my excitement, I rushed upstairs straight away and fetched my camera to take pictures to show you everything. The set of drinks coasters...

Look at the stitch detail - how straight are those lines? That takes a lot of sewing practice;-))

And the hot plates mats - these are just so yummy close-up. There is patchwork detailing on one side and lovely solid pattern on the other.

Patchwork and quilting close-up for you....

And everything is bound and hand stitched down - what time and effort! What perfect little stitches:-)

The napkins were all perfectly presented ready to go on the table. And I suddenly thought 'Why not lay them out on the table?' But our room is quite dull inside so I used the table outside in the bright sunshine and I think it looks brilliant. I so want an outside party with these!! All we need is some wine glasses:-)

Close-ups of the double sided napkins......

But there is more! The most beautiful long double sided patchwork runner as a centrepiece. All these fabrics are so lovely and work really well together. The white strips really sets them off well, don't you think?

Detail of the fabrics on the runner......

Look at the straightness of these lines:-))

And it's double sided with a completely different visual feel on the reverse. The patchwork detail matches the plate mats perfectly. So much attention to detail and in the balance of the design. As well as pure unadulterated yumminess:-)

Thank you so much Crystal. I can't tell you how much I love these. I keep looking over and seeing the lovely fabrics and colours, and I'm overwhelmed again by your kindness and the amount of time and effort you have spent making these for me.

It has been such a wonderful day getting such a lovely present and it has really inspired me to get going and start being creative with my sewing machine again. Thank you. Watch this space;-)))


  1. Oh, I'm so happy you got your gift! I was beginning to worry it'd never make it because, knowing me, I probably addressed it wrong.

    I'm also happy you like everything! I really tried to get them finished quickly but you know how it is. It really was fun working on everything...I've never worked with purpley-pink fabrics before! Sorry if it's too much pink...I went with matching and, well, wow, that's a lot of pink now that I see it all together. :)

    I just wanted you to know how special I felt when I received the lovely gifts you sent. It was so kind of you to do that for me, a complete stranger. And since I'm not good with words, I wanted to say thank you with things made with love. I hope you enjoy everything.

  2. Oh no! I LOVE pink! there can never be enough pink for me:-)Pinks, the brighter the better are so me:-))) I used to get called 'the pink lady' at college because I owned more shades of pink than anyone really ought to in their wardrobe!!

    All your lovely gifts certainly made me feel very special and I wanted to share how lovely they are with everyone, you are so talented and very, very kind to make all this for me. I was literally rendered speechless at your generosity and thoughtfulness.

    Sometimes words are so inadequate to describe feelings and emotions! I found it so difficult to try and convey just how much this has meant to me - thank you so much!

  3. I love the clever use of fabrics. It might well be all pink, but it still manages to be thoughtfully well balanced, which with such a vibrant and definite colour is really hard to do.

    I especially like the table settings, when's the garden party?

  4. You bring the wine John! Red, of course to match the table decorations:-)

    Yes,it does take a lot of consideration to design and balance a composition for such a strong colour and it works wonderfully well. Really love them!


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