Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Irish Cottage Knitting

Thanks to a lovely suggestion, I have been looking into Irish Cottage knitting as a way for throwers to speed up their knitting style. This video makes fascinating watching. Look how fast Yarn Harlot knits!!! No wonder she produces so much knitting as well as writing books, going on book tours and lectures:-)

I'd heard of a Shetland style that held one needle still under the armpit - sometimes using a little holder - but I never knew what it was called or seen it in action.

I think this will take a bit of practice to get the hang of but I won't be bothered by miles of st st patterning again if I can crack this!!


  1. i think this method of knitting is fast for ribbing or seed or moss stitch but i hate that i have to hold the needle under my arm tho cuz it hurts after a while.
    another thing is i tension the yarn jus like stephanie but the stitches r too tight and i get frustrated and rip then out

  2. this style of knitting is cool because of the speed ang ribbing goes really fast too but my tednsion is too tight and by the time i get ten rows done im fatigued and my arm hurts from holding the needle and i say UGH!!! and rip stitches out


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