Saturday, 20 June 2009

Giveaway winner!

Well, the rug giveaway has now closed and the lucky winner is....... Glowgirl! The rug above is the rug of glowgirls choice and isn't it lovely? I didn't find that on my search. Just goes to show just how many rugs there are on the CSN rug site!

Glowgirl, an e-mail is on its way to you now so we can get the rug to you as soon as we can! I'd like to thank everyone for taking part, the choice of rugs was really interesting and I wish everyone could have won! It's been good fun to run a competition and I might have more giveaways from now on!

I have my second blogiversary coming up in a month or so, and I think to celebrate I may have a yarny giveaway then - sock yarn dyed in your own colourway? And maybe some dyed fabric for the quilters and collagers out there. Still thinking. What would be your ideal prize to win in a competition? I think there should also be more than one winner:-) Three is a nice number and spreads the happiness around! And worldwide! I'm happy to post anywhere :-)



  1. I'm thrilled to have won the rug! and can I tell you how much the sock yarn colors are making me drool?! I would love to see some dyed fabric though....I use that alot quicker. My yarn stash is out of hand, I wish I had more time to use it!

  2. I haven't dyed fabrics for a while so it will be good fun! - what kind of fabrics do you tend to use (plains, patterns etc) and what would you like to make with hand dyed fabrics? Really curious:-)

  3. Congrats to Glowgirl. Thanks belle Helene for the contest.

  4. Thanks Siapan writer. I wish everyone could have won the rug of their choice but thank you for participating! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to run more giveaways on the future, so do keep entering!

  5. Well, since I already have some of your dyed yarn, I'd have to vote for dyed fabric. :) I'd use it in a quilt because how fun would that be? Or maybe I'd turn it into a bag/tote so I could see it every day.

    Actually, I guess if I was lucky enough to win, I'd wait to see how your beautiful yarn/fabric inspired me. :)

  6. Thanks for the feedback Crystal! I'll have to start playing with dyes on fabrics now and see what I come up with:-)


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