Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hexagon crocheted blanket

I'm starting a new project this week..... A large cosy crocheted hexagon blanket, to be precise:-) It has to be a stash busting exercise as I have so many little balls of yarn stored that aren't big enough or even nice enough to use on their own. Unfortunately this means that most will be acrylic but hey, the colours are lovely and bright!

I took all the available stash that isn't in the loft (that's too big a job for me right now, but someday...) and laid it out in a colourwheel to see what colours I wanted to use. I want a nice, clear, bright palette - no murky or subtle tones for this one!! So there are a few on the wheel that will have to go, particularly the toothpaste green at 11 o'clock and the dusky rose about 3 o'clock. I did see a lovely apple green yarn a few weeks ago that I knew I should have picked up but I was being 'good' - sigh! I just knew I'd regret it! Well, I'll pop in on thursday and see if it's still there but I don't have high hopes because, well,  that's sods law, isn't it?!

I also need more of the pale pink as that little ball is all I have and I like it a lot. Most of the others have more than one ball in the stash cupboard so hopefully I won't be buying too much. Spending too many pennies would defeat the whole stash busting exercise really:-))

Once I get the missing colours, I can get going so watch this space for some colourful crocheting goodness:-))


  1. Ooh! Looking forward to seeing that! :)

    And I love your cool thingy on the side that lets you say how far along you are on each project! How do I get that? Or even, what's it called so I can Google it?

  2. Yes, I'm getting quite excited about a new big project!

    The percentage thingy is a widget I got from the Ravelry knitting site. Each project links back to my ravelry page details. I'm not sure whether you can use a simplified code to still get the pics and the percentage. I'll have a look at the code and see - although I'm not really au fait with html.

    Maybe someone out there is? And can help us?!

  3. Oh I should do that, but the thought of stash diving is sort of overwhelming. Some years ago I decided that I would not buy any more yarn till I had used up most of my stash. That resolve didn't last long, but now it's going to be entirely different. I really am trying hard.

  4. My resolve isn't that good either, Elaine:-) It's taken me a while just to sort out the yarns for this blanket. I know I have lots more odd balls in the loft but that is a much more daunting prospect - and will have to be saved for another day!


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