Thursday, 1 October 2009

The veyla mitts are finished!

I finally made a decision on the buttons for the Veyla mitts and plumbed for the small victorian style buttons. They fit the buttonholes very well and suit the delicate lacy style overall I think. Although it took me a while to decide which ones to eventually go for, it took me even longer to get around to sewing them on! - as I said its been a lethargic week...:-) So as promised, lots of photos of the finished Velyas for you.

So a pic of one mitt off, then one mitt on. I love how Ysolda really thought about how the buttons would sit on that curve - very nice design detail.

And just for you, a tricky picture taken from my viewpoint by John - he had to stick the camera pretty much in front of my face for this one:-)) Thank you for being patient enough to take these pics!!

I think I'll get more chances to wear these now its getting a bit colder. I really noticed the difference in the air today. Time to pack away all the summer clothes, I think and bring out all the layers. I've been thinking more about crochet and stripes and I think there will be more stripes in my future! Stripey scarves, gloves, mitts - and socks of course! Maybe its my antidote to winter coming. Colour, colour, colour!!!!

Oh, I've got to look a bit more natural in these photos:-))


  1. It's always a pleasure to take your photos for you, even though my photography skills are severely limited at best :-[

  2. Definitely a great choice.

  3. Thanks Ej! Everyones feedback was most helpful in making the final decision and I'm really pleased with them now they're all finished. I think I'll wear these a lot.

  4. Oh, those gloves are just the prettiest thing ever! I love that green and the green buttons are perfect.

    I also love your poses. :) I know the pain of posing...but at least you have help. I have to do the one handed thing.

  5. Hi Crystal. I usually have to do the one handed thing but had to ask for help this time to get both hands in the picture:-))

    I was thinking of making another pair but turning them into gloves. Haven't decided on the colour yet though. Maybe deep purples or a deep rich forest green....

  6. Those turned out really pretty!

  7. These are really gorgeous:-) And the colour is to die for!!! Is the yarn dyed by you or is it possible to buy it somewhere?? Greetings from Norway.

  8. They turned out beautifully.

    Chilli, I think this is some of elaine's hand dyed yarn which she is starting to sell. (Note, I'm not elaine, I'm Elaine, one of her many fans! :-) )

  9. Hi Chilli, thank you for your kind words:-) Yes, this is my own hand dyed yarn. As Elaine said, I'm getting myself organised to start selling yarns online through Etsy but I'm happy to dye you some before the shop opens if you like - you can reach me at

    If all goes to plan I should be open for business at the end of the month - fingers crossed:-)

  10. This pattern would look lovely as gloves...or even more lovely as mittens! I'm a sucker for mittens. :) I hope you make them again...I just cannot express the extent of my love for the lacy cuff and buttons!


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