Sunday, 25 October 2009

Leafy lace cowl

My new Manos silk blend yarn arrived a few days ago. Isn't it nice? This colourway 6461 is called Taurus and it's a 100gm skein - 30% silk and 70% merino - yum! Although the recommended needle size is 3.5-4.25mm /US 4-6, it knits up more like a worsted/aran weight and I found 4.5mm's about right for gauge. Yes, of course I've already started knitting with it!

I hadn't any knitting plans when I bought it except having a really nice skein of manos to 'own':-) I rarely fall for the labels but I do like to indulge now and again. And I can see why people do. Lovely yarns are sooo addictive! Alpaca and silk blend in the same month! But its an expensive addiction at £12 a skein. But, I tell myself, this could make a shawl, a pair of gloves or a beret and there you have a lovely present for little more than you could buy something. Or maybe with inflation, its a bargain:-)

But on to important things like what have I been making with this lovely yarn?

Well, I've been designing myself a lacy cowl to wear that matches my cranberry/pink coat. After knitting the lovely snuggly alpaca cowl, I thought this yarn would be lovely and soft around the neck too and it is definitely my colour.

The Manos has a slight variegation which I like but it doesn't get in the way of the lace pattern too much. The pattern is a double leaf motif I found in a stitch dictionary and as I was working out the repeats for the cowl, I realised how familiar this seemed. Very similar to the lace border on the Veylas mitts! It's not exactly the same but there seem to be lots of traditional variations out there in patternland. I could spend ages looking for new structures to try.

It's knitting up very quickly and I love the way the bottom edging curves due to the shaping of the leaves. The top edge should curve too - in theory! I'll tell you when I get there. I'm about halfway so far and just knitting along happily enjoying the softness of the yarn, the way the lace leaves 'appear' as I go and thinking how the choice of a yarn can really 'make' a pattern - as well as a gorgeous snuggly cowl:-)


  1. Wow I love this one with the subtle coloration. Of course you should knit it in one of your hand-painted beauties.


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