Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bird in hand mittens

Well, that week went by fast! I've been knitting away trying to make a dent on my christmas list - mainly these bird in hand intarsia mittens. So far it's taken me most of this week to finish one, which was longer than I had planned for but I do love the way they are turning out.

There is something so lovely about intarsia mittens. They conjure up images of cold, crisp winter days with startlingly blue skies and having to wade through feet of snow to make snowmen or have a snowball fight:) Of course, the wearer of these mittens won't be getting cold hands as these are super snug! Having the two threads weaving in and out of the back makes it twice as dense and these are knitted tighter than normal gauge too so altogether more compact and toastie for the hands!

It's been a while since I've knitted any colourwork so it took me a bit to get back into the swing of things. The inside weaving came back quickly but keeping tension on dpn's at the joins was more problematic. I still have to block this first glove so I hope it evens out somewhat. Hopefully the second one will be a bit more even in tension. But of course, the pattern is so lovely that you won't notice a little thing like the odd uneven stitch or two now would you? :))

It's the attention to detail that makes this pattern work so well I think. I love the little braiding detail between the cuff sections and the picot edging - yum! I also love the way this pattern has the traditional birdseye pattern for the palm side of the mitten - very nice contrast - and this panel is very easy to knit too:) It looks just as good on the inside as the outside so I thought I'd show you that as well so you can see the weaving in of the threads. I must admit I am a bit of a perfectionist with intarsia and I like to keep it as neat as I can, so each floating thread is wrapped every 3 sts to keep larger catchable loops from forming.

And there is one more surprise with these mittens - the bird:) Yes, the bird that makes these bird in hand mittens is a little embroidered bird on the top of the thumb. Ah no, you won't be finding it on mine yet as I'll only stitch it in place once they are blocked but I can show you where it will be......

Okay, see that kind of white bird shaped blob at the top of the thumb? There! Yes, it does take a bit of imagining:)) but draw a little beak, add an eye, a bit of wing detail..... yes, it's there! and it will be on both thumbs so it will make you smile every time you see it. Lovely!

Well, I've cast on and done the picot edging of glove number 2 so back to the intarsia and braiding for the afternoon, snug inside watching tv while it is SNOWING outside. Yes, snowing! We never get snow this early - what is up??? It's not deep or lying much but it's not even December yet. But we may get a white christmas!! Time to hunt out my christmas films - and munchies. Is it too early to start on the christmas snacks??  See you soon! :))


  1. SNOW!!?? Oh dear!! I hope that isn't a preview of this winter....we were just told that ours should be an average one....but after last year...who knows what average is anymore!! Enjoy it though...the "silence" is what I love the most!!!
    That mitten is so lovely.. and so perfectly done...I saw them on someone else's blog and wondered if I have the patience..or the skill...I really would love a black and white maybe I'll challenge myself after Christmas...
    Have a cosy evening with your four needles, or is it five?
    M :)

  2. Hi Sis, Really beautiful mittens...and so neatly done too!They make me feel all Christmassy inside..yay!
    We have snow too- but we are in the FAR north!
    Enjoy the munchies and Christmas films ;-))

  3. Thanks Marilyn:) I hope the snow isn't a preview of this winter either! Although it has its bonuses like less traffic on the road outside and that lovely silence you mentioned:) For now, it has all melted but another cold snap is forecast....
    Four needles for this one as thats all I had in this set and the second mitten is knitting up a lot quicker so I think it's worth the effort to challenge yourself to making a pair:))Love to see them in the black and white!

  4. Hey sis! They do have a lovely christmassy feel to them, don't they? Past the cuff and onto the main mitten pattern now on the second one so I'll need a few more christmas films and munchies to get me to the end;))) Hope the snow isn't too bad now xxx

  5. Hi fab mittens loving the red and white...mmm sory 26 days till Christmas now'll get there l'm sure...lucky person getting those mittens!
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Hugs Suz x


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