Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Celtic dreamscapes, ruins, past merging with the present, not quite reality. If you walked through the arch, what would you discover and where or 'when' would you be? Would you walk into a distant, mysterious past full of unknown places and cultures? Would you be as real as the people around you or are you a ghost, unable to interact and only observe? Would this be a logical world or be more transient and fragmented, illogical - like dreams......
What kind of characters would you meet and what kind of conversations would you have? Is this a place of magic and power, where impossible dreams are possible?

If your subconscious chose to portray you as your true self, who are you? 10 years younger? Are you wearing your favourite clothes? But maybe you are now a different you, that you feel you are inside - in dreams - the person that doesn't function or fit quite so well in the harsh reality of the 'real' world.

What is real? the 9-5 job or the true inner self?

'every day the choice is presented to us, to live up to the spirit that is in us, or deny it' - Henry Miller

The beginnings of a series of layered images evoking thoughts, feelings, past, places to escape- dreamscapes. More to come - dream on..............

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