Saturday, 18 August 2007

More than an apron....

Just wanted to share this new free pattern from Monica at Crochet me! Okay, you're thinking "crocheted apron? What on earth?" but just look....

Isn't that lovely? And a simple but clever idea to cross at the back. Thank you Monica for the freebie! That's my weekend sorted. There is also a new crochet book coming out that you will find on the Interweave site - It is full of designs that actually consider the figure and look fashionable.

You can look inside the book and there are links to contact the individual designers too. I really like the '5 o'clock tank' designed by Megan Granholm - but maybe that's just because its pink! Go and have a look!

It's really got me thinking about the shaping in garments and how we have this mental image of crochet=granny. Okay, I do like the irony of deliberately crocheting a granny afghan but I'm glad there are new designs out there that are considered, modern and fashionable. Makes you think about the design and shape of what you wear or create - knit or crochet - and how the basic elements are put together. I feel some experimentation coming on.......

Let you know how it goes!

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