Monday, 16 June 2008

Cable shrug, grafting and a lot of patience...

Despite my intentions of starting the Gretel beret designed by Ysolda, I've found myself starting this shrug. I bought some DK and aran yarn - 500gms each - enough to make a garment or two with possibly a beret or a bag with the few remaining balls. And that's the trouble. If I make the beret first, what if I don't have enough left for a top? So the answer seems to be knit the top first and to make sure I have enough, a small top - a shrug?

So off I went and researched shrug patterns. It's amazing how many are for aran and DK weight (which is just as well as that's what I bought), but you would think they would be a lighter weight as they suit summer strapless dresses or vest tops best.

Most of the patterns are knitted across the way from the sleeve, split at the neck and work back down to the other cuff. The pattern I chose looked simple enough - cable shrug from Interweave knits summer 2005. But as I was knitting along, I looked ahead on the pattern and saw that the two sleeves are knitted separately and 'grafted' together in the middle. AAARGH! If I get that wrong then it's going to look like a really ugly seam right down the middle of the back!

I looked on Ravelry at other finished projects of this shrug and some don't show the back - helpful - one shows a great big ugly seam, and one shows a perfect join. Now, did she graft it properly or has she altered the pattern like I was thinking and just carried on knitting to the end of the cuff???

I haven't got to the decision making stage anyway. So far, I've followed the sleeve increases and managed to keep my head following the continuous cable pattern. I've now increased the sides for the body of the shrug - the small rib bit at the right end of the needle - and have another 8cm to knit before I have to make a decision.

Two plans of action: try out the Kitchener stitch to see if I can actually graft two pieces together - new technique for me, and/or contact the maker on Ravelry to tell me what she did to get the perfect seam.

Hohum. I'll let you know how it goes......

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