Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cat Tales

Well, I've come out into the garden to see what the fuss is all about. How on earth can they spend so much time out here? Don't they know there should be laps to curl up on and scratching of ears going on? I have to go out to THEM!

Everything does seem to be growing and there a lot of flowers about. Lots more shady places to hide in this hot weather - it's hard having black fur in summer. Personally I prefer a nice cosy bed or lap to snuggle into.... hint, hint!

There's this great big plant/flower thing which I have to avoid as it's covered with bees - I've heard it being referred to as a triffid as it is so tall (I think it was a joke....)

And this is where they seem to spend time in the mornings, sitting around this table for breakfast eating unappetising dried flakes. I offered them a mouse but did they want it? No.
Anyway, these chairs aren't comfy enough to merit the effort of getting up there. Maybe if I had a big, plump cushion?

But they seem to like the view from the table. Yellow, red, pink and white roses are out, the wild flowers are blooming and everywhere has some flower appearing.

They've been working on the path that goes around the vegetable bed this week; levelling earth, laying stones and generally ignoring me. Looks like I'll have to catch another mouse to get their attention - off hunting......

Or maybe I'll wait until they fall asleep and jump about on the bed - that one works well too ;-)

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