Thursday, 26 June 2008

Salad anyone?

The first produce from the vegetable garden! This is only some of the radishes so far - the rest are a little smaller and can wait a bit before being picked. They do taste a lot stronger than shop bought ones but I did read that the bigger you let them grow the stronger they taste.

The tomato plants are also on the grow with a few yellow flowers but no fruit as yet - there will definitely be an update when that happens!! The peas and beans are growing up the sticks imperceptibly but the lettuce is nearly ready to be picked. All we need is a warm, sunny spell for salads!

There has been some more planting going on and I will get photos of the new flowers soon but for now, here is the viola and marigold border that is the main view from the kitchen window (taken from the side so you can see the full expanse of the flowers).

Other garden progress - at last the peony has decided to flower for me. The bud has been sitting there for a while and then all of a sudden, bloom! A huge, big, blousy flower head. Just the one. Is this normal for peonies?

Anyway I love the pink! It's survived the heavy rain showers so it must be quite sturdy. And as always, all garden progress is being monitored....

Aren't you finished yet?

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