Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Memory lane...

As the weather turns warmer now and everyone is thinking about taking the layers off their beds, it's only natural that, due to my contrary nature, my thoughts have turned to throws and quilts. More to the point, a quilt I started during the christmas holidays not last year, but the year before. I was really into this and worked three days solid to get all the colours and tones worked out in each section, then I caught a really bad flu and moved house about a week later and never got round to unpacking it all again.

So why now? Well now I have some time to plan and organise the sewing of all 20 squares, I'm aiming to get them all done in the next month or so. No rush though - it's waited this long and if I'm lucky, it might even be finished before the weather gets chilly again! Once I have the top layer sewn then I will have to try out quilting the whole piece together and deciding what to use on the back. Hopefully inspiration will strike before then or I'll find some really nice fabric on ebay or in a charity shop.

All the fabric strips come from vintage and modern retro flower fabrics my partner used to sell on ebay. Anything he cut off or didn't use I stashed away. So it's my retro recycled quilt! It's also full of memories and I think every quilt should have a story......

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