Sunday, 17 May 2009

Stripey gloves are finished!

Got the stripey gloves finished a few nights ago - aren't they nice? Just very fun and funky! I love the mad way the colours go at the fingers:-) Matching the stripes on the second glove was a little tricky - well more finicky than anything else - and I did have to take a few fingers back to get the right proportions of colour to match the other hand. Funny how you can use the same amount of stitches, the same amount of rows and tension and still it's not exactly the same for each glove. One of the mysteries of knitting that bugs me:-) But not enough to stop me knitting another pair!

These are for a present so I will have to reluctantly part with them but I can always knit more! The pattern is really good for sizing - XSmall, small-medium ladies size and medium, large mens sizes. So something for everyone. All knitted at 4ply/fingering weight. It came free with my ball of Opal sock yarn but you can buy it here at the Get knitted pattern page if you are interested. It's a very easy pattern to follow with clear, precise instructions - just what you want.

They took about two-thirds of the ball to knit and I added an extra inch to the ribbed cuff as I like it to be a good snug fit to keep the cold wind out. I could probably get one sock or one glove out of the rest. Maybe I can keep it for jazzy heels and toes on a solid coloured sock:-) Or for variegated stripes with a solid in a scarf or hat.....

Or maybe I can get another ball and make a matching pair of gloves and socks!! I'll be all Tonked out!


  1. These are really brilliant! The best gloves ever!

  2. Love these gloves! The yarn is so fun!

  3. Thanks Lois! I do love these and I'm thinking I'll have to knit myself a pair now:-)

  4. Thanks Crystal! I love how these stripey yarns knit up - you never know quite what you will get each time:-)


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