Friday, 1 May 2009

Sunflower scarf

Well, I didn't wait long to wind my new skeins into balls ready to knit:-) I thought long and hard about patterns that would show up the lovely tones in this yarn and after looking at a lot of scarves, socks and gloves patterns, I decided to go for the so-called scarf design by Allison Isaacs. Yes, this is something I have started before, if it sounds familiar. I never got round to finishing my first one as I kept losing stitches and got fed up having to keep taking it back. So why am I setting myself up for this? Didn't I learn the last time that me and so-called scarf don't get along?

Well, two reasons really. One, is that my disaster could have been just me watching tv when I should have been concentrating more and it is a lovely pattern and should be given a chance. Two, I'm damned if I am going to let this pattern beat me!!! So look! A full inch at least with no mistakes or lost stitches! Okay, I did have one false start where I dropped a stitch two rows down to the cast on so I just ripped it back and started again. But this inch is perfect - tada!

I even used a long tail cast-on to get a neater and stronger edge - liking it a lot. But the best thing, the absolutely best thing is the way this yarn just blends and contrasts as you go along. The PSSO st that makes the sloped pattern contrasts with the blended tones underneath. Every row, every stitch is different and it's fascinating to watch it all emerge. I haven't knitted enough yet to decide whether the overall look is what I want but at the moment, it's all looking good.

The only thing that is a teensie weensie problem is the gauge. I'm not using the given weight - quite a drop to 4ply/fingering weight actually - so I'm estimating the number of stitches needed. I increased the number from 30 to 50 thinking that would be plenty for a scarf but I forgot to account for the type of stitch this is. Your normal stocking st, garter or rib would stretch and have some give but this is much more dense, more like a woven fabric and it pulls the knitting in from the cast on. So I'm averaging about 10sts per inch. That means my scarf is now only 5 inches wide - not so good. So, I'm considering this my gauge sample and now I can start the real thing:-)))

Rip, rip, rip..... Back soon. I've a so-called scarf to master!


  1. I know very little about knitting, being blessed with a severe lack of patience and hands that no good at delicte work, so I really admire your skill! The yarn is really beautiful and the unusual stitch really shows off the subtle colour changes. I shall watch out for more details, thank you. xx

  2. Oh, those colors are lovely! And the pattern shows it off so well. I can't wait to see more of this scarf!

  3. Thank you Lois and Crystal - patience is something I am learning with more complex knitting patterns! The yarn is very lovely to knit with and I'm enjoying knitting this.

    I do find I have to switch everything distracting off - music, tv, everything, until I get the hang of a pattern and then it can flow better:-)


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